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Fitness, Personal Training & Nutrition Customized To You


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reach your fitness goals.

In-Home Personal Training
G's Fitness' Nationally Certified Personal Trainers travel to you, and conform to your lifestyle.  We train you  in the comfort and convenience of your own home.  There is no necessary equipment for the customized personal training sessions and programs that we provide. 

Individual Personal Training
G’s Fitness’ Nationally Certified Personal Trainers work with you in a one-on-one atmosphere.  Each individual’s program is specifically tailored to reach your fitness goals.  Exercise programs are based on your fitness goals, previous exercise experience, previous injuries, and current state of health.

Small Group Personal Training
Whether you train with your spouse or group of friends, G’s Fitness small group training is an affordable way to experience the benefits of personal training with individual attention. Your small group of 2-5 people, will all be working towards a similar goal, while encouraging each other along the way.


Group Classes
- No long-term commitment

Stop in to our Waterford, CT location, or email us today for more information about a complimentary boot camp session.

Sports Performance Training
One Hour Session includes:

-Active and Dynamic warm-up to elevate heart rate and core temperature,
-Actively elongate and contract muscles through new range of motion
-Acceleration, Deceleration, Stabilization, and re-acceleration techniques
-Linear and lateral speed development
Upper/Lower Body Power:
-Medicine Ball Exercises
-Double Leg and Single Leg Plyometric Exercises
-Lateral and Linear Plyometric Exercises
Core Training:
-Core Stability Exercises
- Flexion, Extension, and Rotational Exercises
-Reaction Drills that enhance anticipation ability
-Conditioning in 3 different heart rate zones
-Enhance Lactate threshold, lactate power and aerobic system