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Why should I hire a Personal Trainer?

There are several reasons people hire personal trainers:

  • A trainer is a specialist who will help you achieve your goals in a faster and safer way.
  • A trainer will challenge you by constantly changing your routine.
  • Having an appointment with a trainer provides accountability and motivation.
  • A trainer can assist you if you have a particular illness, condition, or injury.
  • A trainer can provide you with the knowledge to work out in the comfort of your home.

What are some of the benefits of working out?

  • lower body weight
  • improved overall strength and agility
  • decreased risk of diseases
  • lower body fat
  • improved physical appearance
  • reduced instances of depression
  • more positive self-esteem
  • better sleeping patterns
  • more energy & stamina
  • increased bone density and reduced risk of osteoporosis

How much does training cost?
Our pricing is very reasonable.
Please call or stop by for pricing information: (860) 437 3900

How long is a training session?
Both one-hour, and one-half hour sessions are available.

What about my diet?
Nutritional advice regarding healthier eating is included in our personal training programs. We can also arrange a detailed diet to follow as a separate purchase.

Who will be my personal trainer?
Based on your goals and scheduling availibilty, you will be paired with a trainer that we feel is most compatible.

Everyone says I need to work out with weights, but will I get bulky?
There are a variety of strength training techniques that can be performed to lengthen and tone muscles, without increasing muscle size.

At what age can my child start lifting?
Current research suggests that sub-maximum lifting for pre pubescent youth (7-13 years) benefits motor skill development and coordination.

How many athletes are in each group you train?
Groups usually consist of 2-5 athletes.