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Waterford, CT 06385


Fitness, Personal Training & Nutrition Customized To You


"Best place to train if you play sports they will get you ready for the next level." – Kareem B.


"Great trainers. Awesome atmosphere." – Rob C.


"G’s will always be my one and only gym! Chris and Peter are hardworking owners who are 100% dedicated to their clients. They put so much time into helping others, and that is why they are so successful. They genuinely care about everyone who steps in the gym. You won't find support like this anywhere else." – Niko N.


"The staff knows their stuff and they will help you every step of the way. Whether it's strength training or endurance you want to work on, they will help you get the results you're looking for." – John M.


"Great leadership, knowledgable, and they work you hard while having fun. I'm in the best shape of my life at a ripe old age of 46 partly because of this great team. Thank you and I look forward to the next challenge you dream up for me!" – Tim W.


"The most AMAZING state of the art facility stacked with knowledgable well informed staff!!" – Kathleen T.


"Won't start my day any other way than G's. Top notch trainers everyone quickly becomes friends and you always feel encouraged, motivated and pushed to do and be your best!!" – Rachel T.


"Great place ..... Friendly and an awesome workout . You always get a trainer ( or a G~Man ) to train you .... You are Never left to workout without a trainer !!!!!!!
Great new place and equipment." – Debra F.


"Love this gym! Awesome trainers, great workouts, friendly clientele. They will help you achieve any fitness goals you have." – Kelly T.


"Helped me a lot during the baseball off season with the added muscle." – Adam K.


"Push me beyond my limits." – Kosta L.


"Peter & Chris are the greatest ! They really keep you motivated." – Toni S.


"Great place to workout!!!!!!" – Melissa E.


"They are ready for help you on your goals...! Ellos estan listos para ayudarte en tus metas fisicas..!" – Sarita V.


"I love G’s Fitness." – Tiana


"Best gym i ever belonged to. the direction and the support you get at G's is far superior to anywhere else i have gone." – Brian P.